Tips on Private Jet Charter With Pets

Flying your dog is slightly different; companies such as Monarch Air Band of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, are aware of that and understand just how important your dog can be to you.However, what must you plan for when seeking to transport your pet aboard a private charter flight?

The whole experience of flying can be distressing for a family pet, especially when travelling without its owner (as could be the circumstance in a scheduled air travel) where pets take a flight in the suitcases area and sometimes accidents may appear (outlined in a recently available Seattle Times article).

Making your dog endure the ground moves at the airport before and after a trip as if it were another piece of baggage might be too much to ask of your furry friend.

On the other hand, the aforementioned has gone out of the conversation when boarding aprivate charter. After checking in, you as well as your pet go right to the aircraft and, moreover, your pet or cat can travel in a chair beside you, or even by themselves (with the company of a cabin crew member if you are not able to join them).

Planning to Soar your Pet?

As with real human passengers, basic safety also should come first with exploring animals. For instance, the safest way for a dog to fly is with a body harness, and smaller dogs and cats should ideally maintain a carrier that is mounted on a seat belt during takeoff and getting.

Finally, for international private jet charter owners must be sure their family pet has all documents as required by customs and immigration of every country. As they may vary one from another, typically they require proof immunisation.

Any Extra Costs/Things to consider?

While there are no additional fees for family pet-friendly aeroplanes, some exceptions do apply, with regards to the type of dog. You will want to note that cleaning fees could also apply, and these can add up to several thousands of dollars.

Additionally, by seeking a ‘dog or cat-friendly’ aircraft the total pool of available private jet charter is reduced, which sometimes could adversely impact the costs. Having said all those things, from experience, it can be rare for customers to see increased pricing anticipated to bringing domestic pets on board.

Dog or cat-Friendly = Allergy-Unfriendly?

Looking at the topic from an alternative angle, will an allergy patient have to be concerned about finding a pet-friendly aircraft, and does the fact that the plane is pet-friendly make it any less clean?

The question of allergy applies to all types of allergy symptoms, including food, nut products and others, which is a major issue for all those operators, and taken very really. As aircraft by classification are firmly enclosed spaces, it is important for all operators to regularly fine detail the interior.

Thus any reputable charter flights operator will ensure a cabin is cleaned regularly and extensively. However, it is well worth asking a charter operator about their cleaning steps if you have concerns or special anti-allergy requirements.

In Conclusion

With just a little extra planning, there must be no reason your pet cannot be transported stress-free, and then for therelatively little additional cost.

Likewise, if you are an allergy sufferer or have concerns about chartering a ‘dog or cat-friendly’ aircraft, a reputable charter operator can allay your fears, demonstrating demanding cleaning and anti-allergy options are used aboard its fleet.

Transportation of dogs, when well been able, shouldn’t impact the comfort of man or their furry friends.However, what must you plan for when seeking to transport your pet aboard a private charter flight?