Where In the World?

When it comes to travel, there are so many things to see and to do in this great big beautiful world of ours that it’s a wonder that there’s anyone out there who wouldn’t enjoy it. There’s really and truly something for everyone where travel is concerned. For example, you can witness stunning natural vistas, or you could see man made monuments. You could expose yourself to foreign cultures, or you could simply partake in their cuisine. The options are endless. However, the thrill of traveling the world demands that you plan the best trip possible, and the destination can be the hardest part to plan, because there are so many wonderful places, sights, and peoples. So, I’m here to help your find the right vacation for you. Here are some tried and true vacation suggestions.

First and foremost, let’s talk about sight seeing. Sight seeing tours are one of the strongest facets of both vacations and tourism. Man has created some truly mind blowing structures over the millennia, and many of them have survived to be seen by us today. Europe is rife with such spectacles, so many European nations would make a great vacation destination. You could see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, for example, or you could see the ruins of the Greek Parthenon. You could also visit the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. However, there are also a number of natural sights to see, like those crystal caves in South America, for example, or the locale that inspired Paradise Falls from Up. For a more domestic version of this, why not try something along the lines of Best of Orlando?

Another important part of travel is seeing other cultures. This is perhaps the best possible outcome from a vacation, as it helps put our own cultures into a broader and more human context. You can learn of their many and varied customs, all different from our own, and yet the same. You can sample their cuisine, which to me, is one of the best things, because I love food, personally. There are a great many cultures in this world, and learning from them is our responsibility, in my opinion. Because, only by coming together as one global community can we ever hope to achieve world peace.

These options are just a few of the many on the table, so don’t feel limited to what’s on this list. Everyone is different, so you might find your ideal destination from another source.