Top Reasons to Fly Privately

You don’t need to have your own private airplane to fly, you can consider charter flights as well. There are many reasons why this is such a good idea to fly privately. If you didn’t fly this way before, then you should make sure that you are considering flying private. You will not regret it or use any other way of flying again. These are some of the top reasons why you should fly privately next time when you need to book a flight:

Be able to reach your destination without any problems

When you are making use of private jet charter flights, you will be able to reach your destination without any problems. You won’t need to worry about flights that are getting delayed or people on the airplane that’s making it hard for you to concentrate if you are still doing some work.

It isn’t just the rich and famous people that can afford this type of flights. There are many of these flights that are reasonable, and you will not have a problem reaching your destination in time.

You can still work during the flight

The great thing about a private jet charter is that you can sit and work while you are flying to your destination. This is especially great if you are traveling for work, and there is still some work that you need to get done.

You don’t need to worry about getting some work done between people that are making a noise and people that can’t sit still beside you.

You can book a flight for the date and time that suit you best

When you are flying with a normal airline, you will need to adjust your appointment to the time and date available for the flight. This can be frustrating and something that might put you in a bad situation with your appointment. More explained here:

The great thing about charter flights is that you can book the flight for the date and time that suit you. Making sure that you will be in time for your appointment without any problems at all.

Empty legs are available

Empty leg flights are also available. Meaning that you can get a flight to your destination for almost half the original price. There are some things that you should know about these type of flights, but most of the time these are a great way to fly privately, without paying the price of a private ticket.

You should just make sure that the flight isn’t canceled beforehand. Then, you should make sure that you have a backup plan ready.

There are many reasons why you should consider charter flights when you need to fly to another destination. With the private flights, you will not have to sit with a plane full of other people distracting and irritating you. And, if you are making use of empty leg flights, you will save a lot of money in the process as well. Private jet charters are something that you can consider for getting to your destination the fastest and quickest way.

Understanding The Basics Of Empty Leg Flights


There is a long list of expenses you need keep in mind when going on a trip. Some can eat up a major chunk of your budget while some are miscellaneous. If you have ever booked a flight, you should know that your airfare is a major cost and that it is expensive to travel by plane. That is why if you are on a budget or want to save, your best course of action is to find cheaper alternatives. One of the options you can consider is empty leg flights.

Deadhead Flight

In case you haven’t heard of them, they are also called the deadhead flight. When people book a one-way jet charter flight, more often than not it is bound to return on an empty leg or without passengers aboard. This can cost the charter company a lot of money. To compensate for this, they advertise empty leg flights at attractively low costs. This allows passengers to save as much as 70% of the cost of a typical air charter. But while this is true, the option isn’t for everyone. This is because it might bring about travel inconsistencies in that, if you aren’t flexible with your flight date, this offer won’t help. If time is crucial to your travel, you should prepare to pay more. Booking a confirmed date and time with a regular airline is a more attractive option compared to booking empty leg flights.


On the other hand, if money is a priority and you can afford to have a flexible date, then the empty leg from republic charter flights is obviously the way to go. You can look online for empty leg flights that are bound to the same destination as yours and within a few days from your desired date. If you do so, you can save substantially, allowing you to have extra money for other travel expenses. Like any great deal, empty leg charter flights are on a first come first serve basis. As such, if you are looking for affordable flights, you need to search quickly for available trips. Your best option is to use the Internet for your search. The websites that will show you empty leg flights will likely be able to book your flight. So take advantage of this.

Empty legs are flights that occur after dropping off a client and repositioning to the next airport for a future client. These flights are trips that must go, whether empty or with passengers, because another client is booked to use the aircraft down the line. Most operators do not like their aircraft to fly empty, as it represented waste and lost the opportunity, so they work closely with other operators and brokers to find passengers for any empty flight they might have. Your best deal can be made if your itinerary lines up exactly with the departure and arrival points and times planned by the aircraft. Using empty legs to fill your travel needs requires extreme flexibility. For example, if the client whose flight created the empty leg opportunity cancels his flight, the empty leg no longer exists, and you could be left to find other fiight


In case you don’t find a trip that matches your destination, you may want to contact the charter company to tell them of your requirements so they can let you know if there would be any available or empty leg flights. The key here is planning. You have to allow some time for you to get the right flight.

Tips on Private Jet Charter With Pets

Flying your dog is slightly different; companies such as Monarch Air Band of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, are aware of that and understand just how important your dog can be to you.However, what must you plan for when seeking to transport your pet aboard a private charter flight?

The whole experience of flying can be distressing for a family pet, especially when travelling without its owner (as could be the circumstance in a scheduled air travel) where pets take a flight in the suitcases area and sometimes accidents may appear (outlined in a recently available Seattle Times article).

Making your dog endure the ground moves at the airport before and after a trip as if it were another piece of baggage might be too much to ask of your furry friend.

On the other hand, the aforementioned has gone out of the conversation when boarding aprivate charter. After checking in, you as well as your pet go right to the aircraft and, moreover, your pet or cat can travel in a chair beside you, or even by themselves (with the company of a cabin crew member if you are not able to join them).

Planning to Soar your Pet?

As with real human passengers, basic safety also should come first with exploring animals. For instance, the safest way for a dog to fly is with a body harness, and smaller dogs and cats should ideally maintain a carrier that is mounted on a seat belt during takeoff and getting.

Finally, for international private jet charter owners must be sure their family pet has all documents as required by customs and immigration of every country. As they may vary one from another, typically they require proof immunisation.

Any Extra Costs/Things to consider?

While there are no additional fees for family pet-friendly aeroplanes, some exceptions do apply, with regards to the type of dog. You will want to note that cleaning fees could also apply, and these can add up to several thousands of dollars.

Additionally, by seeking a ‘dog or cat-friendly’ aircraft the total pool of available private jet charter is reduced, which sometimes could adversely impact the costs. Having said all those things, from experience, it can be rare for customers to see increased pricing anticipated to bringing domestic pets on board.

Dog or cat-Friendly = Allergy-Unfriendly?

Looking at the topic from an alternative angle, will an allergy patient have to be concerned about finding a pet-friendly aircraft, and does the fact that the plane is pet-friendly make it any less clean?

The question of allergy applies to all types of allergy symptoms, including food, nut products and others, which is a major issue for all those operators, and taken very really. As aircraft by classification are firmly enclosed spaces, it is important for all operators to regularly fine detail the interior.

Thus any reputable charter flights operator will ensure a cabin is cleaned regularly and extensively. However, it is well worth asking a charter operator about their cleaning steps if you have concerns or special anti-allergy requirements.

In Conclusion

With just a little extra planning, there must be no reason your pet cannot be transported stress-free, and then for therelatively little additional cost.

Likewise, if you are an allergy sufferer or have concerns about chartering a ‘dog or cat-friendly’ aircraft, a reputable charter operator can allay your fears, demonstrating demanding cleaning and anti-allergy options are used aboard its fleet.

Transportation of dogs, when well been able, shouldn’t impact the comfort of man or their furry friends.However, what must you plan for when seeking to transport your pet aboard a private charter flight?